Information for developers

Something something how the code works

Backend: core of the algorithm

Common to the 1-2-3-D routines of the Scattering Transform, four low-level functions must be optimized:

  1. FFT/iFFT
  2. SubsamplingFourier
  3. Non-linearity (e.g. modulus for 1-2D)
  4. Dotwise complex multiplication
  5. Padding/unpadding

Unit tests

For running all the unit tests and avoiding bugs, please simply run from the main folder:


If all the tests pass, then you might be able to submit your Pull Request as explained in the next section!

Checking speed

Please check examples/.d/ to benchmark your modification of backend.

Proposing a Pull Request(PR)

Each PR must be documented using docstings, illustrated with an example and must run the unit tests.